Mentoring & Advisory

We provide ongoing mentoring and advisory services to businesses that may be experiencing a range of issues and ones that simply require a sounding board to bounce ideas and decisions off. Perhaps you are a sole business owner with no advisory board or mentors to discuss opportunities, possibilities, problems or perhaps you just need an outsiders point of view to guide your thinking. Equally too you may be looking to raise finance or prepare your business for sale and seek guidance and contacts in this process.

Special projects

Assistance with special projects – whether that be research based or in practical terms assisting with Sales, Business Development or General P&L Management. Having worked a number of years in sales and business development both direct and at agency level we can assist on short term projects as required.

Market research

Market Entry research – what is the competitive landscape like in Australia for your product offering and what is the market size overall? With a wealth of knowledge in the online space we know a large number of the ad tech players and where they fit in to the eco-system overall and as such can help guide you in relation to market size and opportunity.

Talent Identification & recruitment

Talent Identification and Recruitment – given our longevity in the local market we have a large database of contacts across many areas but especially within the online and digital arenas that we can tap into to help draw up a short list of potential staff members you may be considering bringing on board your team.